Jack Frost Isn’t Nipping at My Nose

Today we are experiencing a beautiful September day,
it’s nearly 80 degrees.

I type the full word because I can’t find the symbol on my keyboard.

We’re inside trying to finish up school, and I am watching the clock tick away.

I’m patient and rambunctious in the morning, but by the afternoon I am usually
ready to put the books away and get outside!
But, I stay on task because,
I am the teacher.

Do you hear that noise in the distance?
The sun is calling me outside….
I keep telling him “Later, Dude, I am totally busy!”
but he isn’t listening.

Today I’m thankful Jack Frost only visited us through books and the Internet.
I love me some sunshine.

Little House in the Big Woods

Here’s a history of Jack Frost, complete with movie blurbs.
I wouldn’t watch all the movies, but the history and the graphics are adorable.

Of ocurse, there’s always Wikipedia’s version of Jack Frost.

Click the link to get your own Jack Frost coloring page.

We decided to make it a free-for-all in art, and I let Beka go
crazy with construction paper, glitter and glue.

Of course, there’s no clean-up if you are outside on the deck.

What do you do if you want to imitate Laura’s fun with the frost and the thimble, but you live in a place where there is never frost on your windows?

You get creative.

This is a gold charger, usually only making it’s appearance around the holidays.
They kinda’ creep me out because John the Baptist’s head was served
on a charger, but that is a silly rabbit trail.

I filled the center with sugar and found two thimbles.

We tried to imagine shapes they could have made.
Beka made the Olympic rings,
but pretty sure Laura had never seen them.

I like to give my kids freedom to create,
and I am always thrilled with the outcome.

I still have a painful childhood memory of being told to color
my star red or green, when I really wanted to color it purple,
my favorite color.

Of course, my grumpy teacher didn’t tell me we were making
a Christmas present for our parents, school had just started,
and I thought the purple star looked amazing,
until the candle we later made was placed on top.

Speaking of creative kids,
this was the first thing she created in the sugar.

Pretty clever, huh?

So, Jack Frost was here, now he’s gone,
and we’re heading to the beach to finish that last subject.

‘Cuz, ya’ gotta finish your school, right?

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