I Barely Know About No Bears

If you’ve grown up in the midwest, you likely have a bear story or two.
Come to think of it, I think most places in the United States have their tales of bear tails.

My husband has a hibernating bear story, which shall be shared at a later date.

I have a Momma bear with two cubs story, which shall be shared at a later date.

I wanna’ finish this post, but keep you in sweet suspense for as long as possible.

Since bears are a necessary part of life, and Pa had to shoot one,
we had to learn about bears.

Hmmm, maybe my husband is right, everything is better with bacon.

Our bear study began with this beautiful book by Peter and Susan Barrett.
The illustrations are so beautiful and the story line is so enticing
and educational, I enjoyed reading this book outloud, or is it aloud?
Which one is allowed?

Since my daughter is in fourth grade, you might
think I cheated and took the easy way out.

Yes, and no.

When someone needs to get up to speed on a subject,
the quickest way  to start is with a book below reading level.

For example, when I need to learn something about history,
something I missed during Mrs. S’s extremely boring history class,
I read a book at about the Junior High level.
It will have great facts, lotsa’ pics and you can cover
more material in one hour then she covered in a week.

We had to move on to meatier subject matter.
Of course, I had to read some of the biographical matter
about Audubon and Bachman.

Teaching Tip:
Look on your bookshelf first when doing unit studies!
Don’t waste a trip to the library or waste money on an unecessary purchase.
I have forgotten about many of the books I’ve bought
and visiting my own shelves is always a fun field trip.

North American Bear Center has a live stream featuring
Ted, Honey and Lucky living a bear’s life in the woods of Minnesota.
My husband grew up in the woods of Minnesota,
living a lot like these bears, kinda’ sorta’.

This website is fantastic with a lot of bear facts, pics and videos.
Ya’ might wanna’ bookmark this site.
There is a lot of family-friendly information here!

I love using YouTube, but found that even though the video
I chose is safe and family-friendly,
the ones posted on the sidebar aren’t.
Even the comments can be innapropriate.
Kids can very easily be exposed to pornography,
and we need to keep them safe,
so I don’t let them venture there alone.
I prefer to remove the videos I want and post them in
a safe environment for the kids to view.

A moving tribute to the Minnesota’s Radio Collared Research Bears
featuring Rhema Marvanne singing “The Prayer.”

Just for fun….because this is the first VHS we ever bought
for our kids years, and years, and years ago.

After 25 years, I think I know the whole movie by heart.
Maybe I know more about bears than I thought,
or at least the bare necessity about bears.


6 thoughts on “I Barely Know About No Bears

  1. I am very excited to follow this learning journey with you guys. I wish I had a daughter Rebekah’s age so that I could copy along. 🙂

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