Are You a Yankee Doodle?


Pa loved to entertain his family with his violin and singing.
Personally, I can’t imagine how he could play and sing at the same time with
his chin tucked into the violin, but I guess we don’t have to worry about that now.

In Chapter Two,  he sang was “Yankee Doodle” so we had to discover
what that was.


Lemme’ give ya’ a hint….

…..teenage girls and chicken feathers are involved…



I printed out pictures of Yankee Doodle for the kids to color
while I read the history of the saying.


It seemed like a good idea until I had to read louder and louder
over the sound of scribbling.


A Treasury of American Folklore and Folk Songs compiled by Amy L. Cohn
and published by Scholastic Inc., New York.

You can buy it here!


I think you NEEEEEEEEEED it.
The illustrations, stories, and historical accounts are fabulous
and would supplement any history book very well.


Actually, I kinda’ sat here and read for awhile instead of finishing this post…



Cohn's Yankee Doodle p 1

from page 376


Instead of saying “You’re killing me!”


I was so surprised I almost died!”

notice their jargon?

“Stab my vitals!”

Do you think we might start some new, cool teenager hipster homeschool jargon?


Cohn's Yankee Doodle p 2

from page 377


So even before we were a county, teenage girls were trying to set crazy fashion trends?


Ms. Cohn also provided the awesome sheet music and words below.
Thanks Ms. Cohn!


So thankful I found your book at the thrift store.


Yankee Doodle Sheet Music

I played this song poorly on the piano while Beka and the granddaughters
sang loudly, dancing around the living room holding hands.

It was one of those homeschool moments that warms your heart
so you store away in the “I AM an awesome Mom after all” file
that we try to fill with those random and rare moments of success.


It helps to relive those rare accomplishments when other days don’t go as well.


Then the teenage son walked into the room and asked
pointblank for earplugs.

Music lesson OVER!
(say OVER like the guy in Despicable Me)


Our America Textbook 001


Look what I found on my bookshelf.

Our America Title Page

Just to give credit to the author
and show you that someone scribbled
all over this book.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t MY kids. 
I’m almost positive I bought the book with the scribbles already in it.
Pretty sure my kids didn’t scribble in books.
They were too busy writing on
my walls,
their arms,
my couch,
the trim,
the door,
each other…


French and Indian War p. 1

Since Yankee Doodle was written during the
French and Indian War,
we needed to get up to speed on history.


French and Indian War p. 2


I love vintage illustrations!
(if you’re old like me and can’t read this, click to enlarge)


So there ya’ go.


We colored, read and sang our way through this study.


I have determined as patriotic as I am,
I’m not a macaroni.


Are you?


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