First Day of School!

I was so excited to jump into blog journey through
The Prairie Primer,
I didn’t start at the beginning,
which is a very good place to start.

I even blogged  about how I organize our curriculum.


Welcome Back!

After a cup of coffee,
I wrote a greeting in my best Palmer Cursive. 
How did our teachers write against a wall?

It’s not a feat for teachers with a weak back or shaky hands.

My mom, who taught in a one-room school in North Dakota,
has the very best cursive in the whole, wide world. 
I spent hours practicing, even in college,
trying to imitate her handwriting.

I never could.

First Fourth Grade Math Lesson

Beka loves her desk, a $30 Craigslist find.

We’re using a 1930’s Arithmetic book,
so she copies each problem first.
(I’ll blog more about this curriculum later)


Math Lesson

While homeschooling my children,
I discovered I need to see and touch to learn.
So, I teach that way.

I love using a chalkboard or a whiteboard,
and have invented manipulatives over the years
for concepts we struggled with.
Grammar Girl says you can end a sentence with a preposition.)


Teaching Tip:
Kids learn in different ways.
Some need to see.
Some need to hear.
Some need to do.
If a concept isn’t easily grasped,

I’ve also learned to listen to what’s important to my kids.
Rebekah asked for our first day be Prairie  for both of us,
in dress, words, names and lunch.

That meant pulling dress-ups over my t-shirt and jean shorts,
and tying the skirt on because I’m not an skinny as my daughters.

She assured me we could have other days as regular people,
but the first day it had to be totally “back-then.”



Back to School! 012

Recess was running in a long skirt and picking flowers for the teacher.


Doncha’ love homeschooling?

Once Rebekah was bemoaning she never “went” to school.
I listened to her Kindergarten complaints, then simply said,

“Do you know when you go to public school,
you have to wear the same clothes ALL day long?
And, you can’t wear dress-ups to school.”

End of conversation.

Back to School! 018

Granddaughter Brookelyn joined us for recess and picked a love offering.




Back to School! 014

I rang the bell and the students came back to class.


It was a perfect first day of school,
although we know not all days of homeschooling go this well.

The best days are life rafts
during one of those other kind of days.
We cling to the memory until shore is in sight.


Back to School! 021


In keeping with First Day of School traditions,
this was my husband’s contribution.
You can read about it
(didja’ notice the wrapper?  didja’ didja’?)


No Sympathy really needed for our
First Day of School.

I’d say, it was a Symphony of Success.


Can I take off this long skirt now?


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