Hunting for Rust, Not Bears

Rust is my friend.
I love the way it flavors my eye-candy displays of old junk in my yard.


Rust was not Pa’s friend. 
His life depended on his ability to keep his tools from rusting.


If his gun was rusty, it might misfire. 
If it misfired, it might kill him.
If the misfire didn’t kill him, the bear would for sure.


We studied about rust and how it forms.
When I asked questions about the gun-cleaning passage,
she couldn’t answer very clearly,
so I  read the passage out loud and Beka acted it out.
We don’t  have a gun in the school room,
because there are no bears in our yard.

Teaching Tip:
Reading out loud can increase reading comprehension
and vocabulary. Read the material slowly, taking time
to explain parts and have them repeat new words they hear.
It will increase their understanding and retention.


Since we can’t bear hunt,
ya’ know,  I sent my daughter hunting for something else….




She didn’t come back empty handed.


Enjoy my rusty eye-candy.

Remember, rust is my friend.


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