Turning Beka’s Heart to Her Daddy

In the Little House books, honoring and obeying parents
is a recurring theme, as it was in those times.


Times ain’t what they used to be.


The assignment said,
”Laura’s father was an important part of her life.
What does Malachi 4:6 say?”



In looking for a visual of this verse,  I found this amazing website with free verse downloads.

Inspirational Bible Verses

But, I wanted to do something more than just look at a cool picture
and talk about Malachi 4:6.

I needed Beka to
the verse in her heart, mind and soul.

I’ve learned Satan loves to come between Christian parents and their kids.

The wicked one first sticks a toe of doubt, disappointment or hurt,
then wedges his way between the two parties.

A small offense can be harbored by Christian kids for a long time.
It might be something a parent said or did by accident or the heat of the moment.
Usually satan’s ammunition is not something intentional on a parent’s part.

To help win the battle for my kids’ souls,
I help turn their hearts to their Daddy.

It had been an unusual week for our family,
Daddy had business meetings that kept him past dinner all week.
He normally goes into work early, so he doesn’t miss family dinner.
The kids missed Pops all week,
but need to be reminded he works hard because of them.

During an ice-breaker session at a work event years ago,
the employees had to introduce themselves and list their hobbies.

My husband said, “I am Scott and I have a wife and six kids.”

We are his hobbies.

But, sometimes he’s distracted from work and doesn’t listen very well.
Sometimes he’s exhausted and he doesn’t have the energy for the Honey Do List.
He falls asleep every time he watches a movie with the kids.
He forgets things, because he has so much on his mind.

But, he’s busy and tired and stressed because
he is working for his family,
the only hobby in his life.

As moms, we need to help remind our kids to admire and love their Dads.

I decided Beka needed to create something for her Daddy.

Daddy cover

She folded several pieces of yellow paper together and sewed a seam with
my sewing machine.

She picked out her favorite picture of her Daddy for me to print.


Malachi 4 v6

She illustrated our theme verse.

Teaching Tip:
I try to have one project each day where
spontaneous creativity
is encouraged.
There is a time to follow directions,
and a time to just create!

i love my daddy

We talked about how much we love him.

i admire my daddy

We talked about how much we admire him.

i admire my daddy1

And when the project was done,
our hearts were refreshed with love and admiration
for our Pa, the head of our household.

And when he opened his gift of love,
his heart was filled with love for his Beka-Boo.

It wasn’t really an assignment,
it was a labor of love.


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