Don’t Be Owly!

Pa told a story about an owl scaring him in the woods
when he was a young boy,
so we had to learn about owls.

As we began learning, I keep hearing my Dad’s voice in my head.
hen we were grumpy and crabby, he’d always say,
”Don’t be owly!”


I never understood it, until I watched YouTube videos on owls.


This owl showed up in someone’s yard.


Yea, it could sound like little kids bickering and snipping at one another.


This is a little baby owl “trilling.”


They say cutest owl ever, they aren’t kidding.




This is the printable we used from Daily Coloring Pages.
I was thrilled to find this resource with almost a bajillion
coloring pages for alphabets, cartoons, holidays, sports, etc.

Ya’ wanna’ bookmark this site and come back.


We used The Owl Pages to find the information on habitat and diet.

She had to look up words she didn’t know, like nocturnal and fledgling.

To help Rebekah more quickly navigate the online world,
I taught her

CUT – control C
PASTE – control V

to place words she didn’t know into


Teaching Tip:
To keep a child safe in the online world, research ahead of time
and drop safe sites in your taskbar.
If there are too many, or ones I will only visit once,
I send myself an email with the links I want to use for each topic.


After listening to several owl videos on YouTube,
we decided we didn’t hear any that sounded the way Pa described it
in the story. 

Maybe his owl story is like most men’s fishing stories,
they get better with time and telling.


Through our study on owls,
Rebekah came to the conclusion that she didn’t like them,
because they eat all the cute little animals she loves.


I realized birds are not my favorite either,
because I didn’t have any bird books on my shelf.


But, I won’t be owly about having to study owls,
OK, Dad?


One thought on “Don’t Be Owly!

  1. Sorry, I love owls and I don’t like the little creatures they eat. =/ Sorry Beka.
    Molly went through a stage starting around 18mo – 3yr. where she looked like a little owl. She had big eyes and I did two little hair spouts on each side of her head that resembled the Great Horned owl’s. She even loved owls during that time and collected a few stuffed ones along with some pictures we took of owls we saw. While touring in the Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park we even saw an owl family – pa, ma & two babies. SO cute! Love the owl study… now to make Jeta stop acting owly today! hmph! 🙂

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