Why Do Weasels Pop?

We’ve all grown up with the song Pop Goes the Weasel. It was a favorite folk tune when Pa played it on his violin for his family,
it’s still a favorite for kids today.

However, when I was a kid, I didn’t even know what a weasel was.  It wasn’t a species common to Montana.
I didn’t know what a cobbler was, either, or why he had a bench.

It was a catchy tune, with tricky lyrics.

You can look up weasel on the New World Encyclopedia website, but they use a lotta’ big words.
It’s Monday.  I don’t do big words on Monday.  Wait, it’s Tuesday.  I don’t do big words on Tuesday, either.

Here’s a source from the Hylebos Wetlands with smaller words.
Short words are my friends when I’m tired and school must go on.

But, I read enough to learn that even though we think negatively about the weasel,
who by tradition is sneaky and annoying, he provides something useful.
We love ermine, ya’ know, the white fur kings and queens use to trim their purple robes?
That’s  a weasel’s winter wear.
In high elevations, the weasels turn white in the winter, creating the much-desired fur.

No wonder the cobbler was chasing the weasel.
He wanted to make some ermine-trimmed boots!
I would SO wear them, just not in Washington, the animal activist state.

While Rebekah was looking up information on the weasel, I noticed she left the section for DIET blank.

“Rebekah, why didn’t you write down what he eats?  It’s right there in the dictionary.”

“What he eats?  I’m supposed to write down what he eats?  OH.  Because for a woman a diet is what she doesn’t eat.”

Good point, my dear, it’s no wonder you couldn’t finish your homework.
Women do complicate life, don’t they?

Weasels are like brothers, in that they use a anal secretion to ward off enemies.
That’s the fancy Science way of saying fart, but maybe you don’t use that word in your home.
My teacher husband got reprimanded by the principal for using this F word in the classroom years ago.
Apparently, a parent called quite offended.
Now he works in the business world where the F word they use is not the anal secretion word.

The antidote for a weasel bite is monkey secretion.  EEWWWW, is that like monkey pee? Or would that be monkey spit?
Anyway, if you’re hiking in the US and you get bit by a weasel, you’re going to have to run to the nearest zoo.

While we were pondering what the secretion was, we found a map showing our entire state is a habitat for long-trailed weasels.

Then, we found out the collective name for a group is a boogle, gang, pack and confusion.

Bing Images supplies pictures of weasels and tracks to make drawings.

But, after the research, we’re still confused about the popping of the weasel.
Why don’t we have Weasels in our Jack in the Boxes instead of a scary clown?
That would be  a popping weasel.

Just wondering.

Of course, we had to visit YouTube, the intellectually stimulating website.
OK, it’s a site where you can waste a lot of time, but we found what we were looking for.

Pop Goes the Weasel

If you want to hear the Cedarmont Kids sing a cute version, click the link.


David Scrivener is actually play Pop Goes the Weasel on Pa Ingall’s violin!

If ya’ wanna’ play and sing with your kids, here is sheet music.
It’s a little high.  You can play an octave lower, or stand on your tippy-toes.

There’s a lot of different verses, but Pa sang a scandalous one,
about the preacher kissing the cobbler’s wife.
That would be enough to make the weasel pop.

After my diligent research, OK two sites and Wikipedia,
nobody seems to know what POP GOES THE WEASEL means.

Isn’t that the way it is?

So, the fact remains.  If you’re hiking in Washington and you run into a boogle of weasels and the anal secretion doesn’t warn you in time and you are bitten,
you better run, don’t walk,  to the nearest zoo for a monkey secretion antidote.



5 thoughts on “Why Do Weasels Pop?

  1. I always figured it was because the weasel moves just as quickly as the clown popping out of the box. Ever watched one move? So quick, they can “pop” a leg trap and jump off before it closes.

  2. Yes, weasels do pop. We had one pop up in the bathroom of the trailer. We only caught him because he tried the big trap first and it didn’t go off on him, and he wasn’t wary enough of the little one. Ha!

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