Maple Syrup Taste Test

I grew up in a family that loved ice cream.

We ate a LOT of ice cream.
My mom wondered why the ice cream went so quickly,
until she caught my Dad in action.

Apparently, he left a spoon in the ice-cream bucket.
When he went down to stoke the fire,
we survived North Dakota winters heating with
a wood-burning stove,
he would have a few bites.
(I think he deserved them, don’t you?)

Anyway, we grew up on those huge buckets
of ice cream that were about $2.
We usually bought vanilla, so we could add toppings,
but on rare occasion had Neapolitan.

As an adult, I was offered Breyer’s vanilla ice cream
for the first time, and I didn’t like it.

It didn’t taste like ice cream to me.

We had the same experience with Rebekah and  maple syrup.

Enjoying Fall Outside 001
The Ingalls family had the thrill of making real maple syrup,
tapping the trees and everything.

Not a possibility in my neighborhood,
so I drove to Trader Joe’s and bought real Maple Syrup and waffles.
Traffic was bad, it took me over 10 minutes to go 2.3 miles.

Life as a city pioneer can be grueling.

We didn’t see a bear, but almost saw an accident.

Back to the syrup.
She cut the waffle in half,
and tried each kind of syrup.

Enjoying Fall Outside 005

She ate the Mrs. Butterworth’s first.

I grew up with the Maple flavored kind we made from scratch.
Store bought, like Mrs. Butterworth’s,  was a luxury.

Enjoying Fall Outside 006
Rebekah has grown up with store-bought imitation syrup,
so real maple syrup should be a luxury.

Enjoying Fall Outside 007
Does she like it?????

Pondering, while letting the natural goodness swirl around her tongue.

Enjoying Fall Outside 008
The verdict is in.

If I ever find a Maple tree flowing with syrup,
I officially know I won’t have to stop and make syrup for my family.

However, if I find a sale on imitation syrup,
I better stock up.


3 thoughts on “Maple Syrup Taste Test

  1. My girls aren’t a fan of the real stuff either. We get a jar of it every Christmas from one of Ski’s students. We savor it, but the kids call on the fake Aldi syrup. Oh well. Bummer though since real maple syrup is actually healthy for you.

  2. I through out the fake stuff 6 years ago. Now, they pretty much just use raw honey on their pancakes, although I make a mock maple syrup using natural maple flavoring and sucanat. They aren’t a big fan of that and pretty much just stick with honey or jam on their pancakes. I use the mock maple syrup for cooking mostly. It is funny though, because when they don’t have a lot of options, anything sweet starts to taste good 🙂 Now my kids would prefer honey to the imitation or real maple syrup.

  3. My family never uses anything but real maple syrup (I suddenly feel like a very stereotypical Canadian) and whenever we go down to my Grandparents place we use honey on our pancakes instead of the fake maple syrup they have. Much too sweet, sticky, and, well… fake.

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