About Momma Mindy

I love playing, giggling, snacking, teasing, laughing, whispering and eating candy.

I love sleeping in tents and forts.

I love imagining the living floor is the ocean.

I love jumping on my bed and running barefoot outside.

I love going to the beach, the library and the toy aisle.

Mindy Peltier

If I ever have any free moments, I love to write and read.

For 26 years I’ve been married to the love of my life.
Scott and I are parents to six,
in-laws to two,
and gwandparents to three.

When I started writing again, I decided to blog,
to discipline myself to write every day,
and discipline my family to not bother me when I write.

We’ll all still a little “undisciplined”,
but they all give me reason to write.

My other blog, Mommy Mindy’s Moments,
deals with the frustrations of life like

empty toilet paper rolls

missing hammers

rules for my household

thyroid cancer

my Build-A-Bear monkey as cancer therapy

my messy stove

my messy cupboards

and my loverly children.

I grew up in the upper mid-west,
but our family was transferred to the Pacific Northwest eight years ago.
We’ve learned to appreciate both worlds,
so I labeled us
City-Slicking Rednecks.

I consider Internet friends real friends,
and would cherish your friendship along life’s path.

Thanks for stopping by to read a little bit more about me.
I know your time is valuable, and appreciate you investing into my writing
and homeschooling life.


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