Even the Dutch Love Little House

The first thing I saw when I turned on the TV in our Amsterdam hotel
a few weeks ago was
Little House on the Prairie reruns.

One channel has voiced over in Dutch with English subtitles
and another was in English with Dutch subtitles.

They wanna’ make sure everyone can watch Laura and her Pa.

I also think they had to have ONE channel that wasn’t inappropriate.

Of course, I haven’t watched American TV for years,
we only use our TV for videos, but it was pretty ….
well, it wasn’t Christian.

Thanks to the BING translator, I was able to translate for you.


“Please, Pa.”

“Thank you.”



When I translated tasty in English to Dutch, this word didn’t come up.

I think a better translation, according to my scant research, would be
“It’s a good thing.”


“Not as sip. There are more rounds.“

“You’re going to win.”

(OK, the translator doesn’t always work,
but it still has been a great tool to use.)


“The winner of the second round,
Charles Ingalls.”

Either the Dutch  think Michael Landon is good looking
or they wanted to learn to chop firewood.


“But he is a lot older than me. And then you become tired much earlier.”

As usual, Pa is giving advice and Laura is listening.

Maybe this is why adults like this series,
we can pretend that is really us and our children are hanging onto every word.
In fact, maybe some day our children will write a whole bunch of books
on how great their upbringing was and how wise and beautiful their parents were.

Hey, parents in many countries  can dream!